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Current Projects

NSF GOALI Proposal

The A+CA Board of Directors is sponsoring a multi-university team to develop an NSF proposal for a conference that brings together industry related professionals and organizations with faculty from over 20 A+CA universities architecture and construction programs with the goal of encouraging collaboration on research agendas that advance the organization’s initiatives. A number of these organizations currently have research outreach agendas that are complimentary to the mission of A+CA. The purpose of the conference is to understand how the nature of making buildings has fundamentally changed in the digital age and to establish common ground or overlapping priorities, speculate on opportunities for systemic added value/cost savings, and to potentially transform education toward improved quality of design and construction. These partnerships will then have a two-fold outcome: (1) expansion of research capacity and the direct research deliverables, and (2) the long-term impact of educating students in collaborative working models in their professions as they design and construct the future built environment. The proposal is schedule for submission to NSF in the Summer of 2016.

“A+CA and CIB plan to execute MOU”

In early 2011, representatives of A+CA and the CIB executed a Memorandum of Understanding in support of enhanced collaboration.  Objectives of the relationship are to promote participation in new and existing expert commissions and appropriate committees of the other organization, and to establish a new Joint Expert Commission. The purpose of CIB is to provide a global network for international exchange and cooperation in research and innovation in building and construction in support of an improved building process and of improved performance of the built environment. Information on CIB can be found at